The NEW purpose of this blog…

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum.

Well, this blog has sort of been rotting away, hasn’t it?

It’s ironic. This was my first blog (I have 7 others now, with more to come, insha-Allah).

It was supposed to be a place where I uploaded all the resources that I mentioned to my students.

As I don’t teach anymore, it seems to have become an “extra” blog, without any purpose.

See, I’m not the kind of person who blogs just for the sake of blogging. Each of my blogs have a purpose….except this one.

I finally found a purpose for it, alhamdulillah.

I remember reading that the great scholar Ibn Jawzi (rahimahullah) used to write down whatever came to his mind. These thoughts then got compiled into a book (called Sayyid Al-Khaatir if I’m not mistaken).

Also, I’ve read many scholars recommending that students of knowledge have a notebook to write down the “fawaaid” (benefits) of any lecture or book that they encounter.

So, I started to think. Why don’t I just do this in 21st century style?

If I have any useful thoughts, I could blog about them.

If I found any fawaid, I could blog about those too.

If I do any research about an issue, I could blog about that too.

[Of course, those thoughts and benefits that are related to my other blogs will be posted there.]

The advantage is that it’s all stored in a nice place which I can’t misplace (unlike a notebook), can’t spill water over (unlike a notebook), don’t have to publish (because it’s technically already published) and I also get to share it with others (which means that I can get milk this for some hereafter reward).

So, that’s what this will be: my online notebook/scrapbook [and the new design reflects that].

[I guess that’s what blogs generally are: online notebooks.]

In the end, it seems that I needed an “extra blog” to put in all the stuff that doesn’t fit into the other blogs.

If you’ve subscribed to this blog, then I should alert you to the fact that I might post numerous times a day. Then again I might also post zero times a day. Allahu Alam.

So, allow me to write away….


5 thoughts on “The NEW purpose of this blog…

  1. salamyo says:

    Alhamdulillah.. What a refreshing blog to read. No pretensions, just pure well-thought and fun blog. I had blogs, one or so, too but sadly I become too lazy to write and update them..

  2. salamyo says:

    What a refreshing blog to read; no pretensions, just well-thought and fun blog. In shaa Allah, you’ll write beneficial posts.

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