Assalamu Alaikum.

This is the ultra-long hadeeth which I read out just before we started talking about the Shahaadah. Read it again because it’s one of the most comprehensive ahadeeth that you’ll find.

[Note to those who have no clue who “Yahya ibn Zakariyya” is. He’s the Prophet right before Isa (alaihissalaam) and the hadeeth of Isra wal-Meraj points out that they were maternal cousins.  His father Zakariyya (alaihissalaam) was also a Prophet and he was the one assigned to take care of Maryam.]

Al-Harith Al-Ashari narrated that the Messenger of Allah (salallahu alaihi wasallam) said: “Indeed Allah commanded Yahya ibn Zakariyya with five commandments to abide by, and to command Bani Israil to abide by them, but he was slow in doing so.

So Isa said: ‘Indeed Allah commanded you with five commandments to abide by and to command Bani Israil to abide by. Either you command them, or I shall command them.’

So Yahya said: ‘I fear that if you precede me in this, then the earth may swallow me, or I shall be punished.’ So he gathered the people in Jerusalem, and the filled [the Masjid] and sat upon its balconies.

So he said: ‘Indeed Allah has commanded me with five commandments to abide by, and to command you to abide by. The first of them is that you worship Allah and not associate anything with Him. The parable of the one who associates others with Allah is that of a man who buys a servant with his own gold or silver, then he says to him: “This is my home and this is my business so take care of it and give me the profits.” So he takes care of it and gives the profits to someone other than his master. Which of you would like to have a servant like that?

And Allah commands to perform salaah (prayer), and when you perform salaah then do not turn away, for Allah is facing the face of His worshippers as long as he does not turn away.

And He commands you with fasting. For indeed the parable of fasting is that of a man with a satchet containing musk. All of them enjoy its fragrance. Indeed the breath of the fasting person is more pleasant to Allah than the scent of musk.

And He commands you to give charity. The parable of that is a man captured by his enemies, tying his hands to his neck and they come to him to beat his neck. Then he said: “I can ransom myself from you with a little or a lot.” So he ransoms himself from them.

And He commands you to remember Allah. For indeed the parable of that is a man whose enemy quickly tracks him until he reaches an impermeable fortress in which he protects himself from them.  This is how the worshipper is. He does not protect himself from the Shaytan (i.e. the devil) except by the remembrance of Allah.'”

The Prophet (salallahu alaihi wasallam) said: “And I command you with five that Allah commanded me: Listening and obeying, jihad, hijrah (migration), and the jamaah (i.e the Muslim community). For indeed whoever parts from the jamaah the measure of a hand-span, then he has cast off the yoke of Islam from his neck, unless he returns. And whoever calls with the calls of Jaahiliyyah (i.e. the Days of Ignorance) then he is from the coals of Hell.”  A man said: “O Messenger of Allah! Even if he performs salaah and fasts?” So he (salallahu alaihi wasallam) said: “Even if he performs salaah and fasts. So call with the call that Allah named you with: Muslims, believers, worshippers of Allah.”

[Sunan At-Tirmidhi, Hadeeth No. 2863. Graded ‘saheeh’ by Shaikh Al-Albani in Saheeh Sunan At-Tirmidhi, Hadeeth No.2863]


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